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Holy trinity episcopal academy


Please watch the following important video message and/or read the accompanying letter from Dr. 科布.

I hope you’ve been enjoying your summer – keeping active and staying healthy.
365betribo88的 staff has been preparing to welcome students back to school in just a couple of weeks and doing so all while keeping a close eye on the constantly changing landscape of COVID-19.
去年五月365betribo88在哪里, let alone a couple of weeks ago, looks very different from where we are today, as we work to update our health and safety protocols with thoughtful consideration.
It was our hope that we could return to campus under pre-pandemic conditions, 然而, 正如你所知道的, Brevard County has seen a steady rise in the rates of COVID-19 transmissions, along with increasing numbers of the Delta variant, 尤其是儿童.
This has caused us to take the time necessary to evaluate and weigh all options before putting a plan in place to begin the school year.
更重要的是, I want to be able to give our students 和工作人员 a return to the freedoms we enjoyed pre-COVID. But it is clear, we are still very much in a pandemic. As we continue to strive to bring normalcy back to our school, Holy Trinity’s number one commitment MUST be to our more than 1,000名学生, 教师, 和工作人员. We will not compromise or risk the health and well-being of any child or adult under our care.
That is why I have made the difficult decision to start the new school year requiring mandatory face coverings 在室内和公共汽车上 for all students 和工作人员 at both our Lower and Upper Schools, effective Monday, August 2nd.
I believe this provides us the best opportunity to keep our kids in school, 学习和蓬勃发展, while remaining in accordance with the most recent healthcare recommendations for school children and vaccinated individuals.
We understand there may be circumstances where face coverings are not an option, and we will continue to work with those cases on an individual basis.
This decision to require face coverings does not mean we revert back to last year’s protocols. 恰恰相反.
365betribo88的 “一起向前”计划 outlines the changes we have made in our health and safety measures that will help return us to some pre-pandemic routines while still taking precautions to safeguard our students 和工作人员.
We will continue to monitor the trajectory of the virus and evaluate guidance from local, state and federal health authorities on an ongoing basis, 所以当条件改善时, we will be able to quickly adjust our plan and allow for greater liberties.
I know this decision is not ideal and that we may disappoint some families. I, 我自己, 感到失望, but we need to do what is best for the majority of our people as we continue to provide a safe and uplifting environment for our students to grow in mind, body, 和精神. 
There is no easy or right answer, or one size fits all outcome to this extraordinary dilemma, but I believe we have a moral obligation to look out for and protect one another, particularly in times of worry and uncertainty. It’s who we are as human beings and God’s people.
Now is the time to come together in support of one another as we promote a culture of caring that is the Holy Trinity way.
I ask that you please take a moment to review our “Forward Together” plan as a family and help us to set expectations with your children.
365betribo88的 teachers are so excited to welcome our students back to their classrooms and begin restoring the love of learning that only comes with in-person instruction, and they remain committed to their success.
In the event of extended absences, our 教师 will be there to work with their students to ensure continued engagement and progress. That is the level of attention and assurance that only a Holy Trinity education can provide!
We have many exciting events and activities planned for the new school year that will reunite us and help lift our spirits.
The only way we can make this happen is by doing our part to help keep our Tiger community safe. Together, we will move forward towards brighter and better days ahead.
While these challenges we face are testing my own strength and resolve, I am optimistic for this coming school year and all the promise it brings.
Thank you for your continued grace and the infinite support you have shown our 教师 和工作人员.
May God bless you and continue to keep you safe.
Dr. 凯瑟琳·科布
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy
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